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About us

We are a dynamically developing company engaged in manufacturing and sales of PCB boats with inflatable low-pressure bottom. Our PVC boat models were designed with direct involvement of the most active useres of the Central Fishing Forum.

Our company stands for high quality and reliability, without seeking to infinitely enlarge the model range or introduce questionable novelties. This is what makes every Grouper boat a high- quality, durable and reliable product. We manufacture all our PVC boats, and in the Inventory you will find all the prices and boat modifications. You will easily choose the option that will most suit you in terms of length, width, tube diameter, carrying capacity, passenger accommodation, advisable engine power, weight and price. We consider all our customer requirements as well as the experience accumulated in the use of our PVC boats.

Grouper inflatable boats combine classical moderately carinate contours with innovative, fully inflatable structure using inflatable low-pressure bottom (ILPB). As a result, you have all the advantages including safety, seaworthiness and controllability, as well as the light weight, compactness and comfort. The Grouper boat is a useful investment into your comfortable holiday allowing you to save effort and time.

Advantages of ourboats

По сравнению с обычными надувными лодками с жестким дном, продукция нашей компании обладает рядом несомненных преимуществ. И они не ограничиваются спецификой конструкции или материалами. Основные преимущества надувных лодок Групер, над остальными это:

Our boats have obvious advantages over the more common inflatable boats with rigid bottoms These are not limited to the structural features or material specification. The main advantages of the Grouper boats over the others include:

- compactness and small weight;

- elasticity and resilience;

- transportability and excellent seaworthiness;

- high speed and large carrying capacity;

- easiness of emergency repair and opportunity to be stored at home;

- affordable price and no special care requirements.

- Several isolated compartments in the boat hull ensure added safety, which makes the inflatable boat essentially different from its rigid counterparts.

Grouper-Spb LLC

Full name: Grouper-Spb Limited Liability Company
Address:195248, St. Petersburg, Irinovsky pr., 2L, Nika Business Center .
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