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Warranty contact: +7(931)253-89-80

In manufacturing the boat, imported armored PVC is used conforming to the international quality standard EN ISO 9001/2000.

The inflatable boat is built around a U-shaped tube, with a transom installed on it made of water resistant plywood.

To ensure maximum traveling safety the tube is divided into three independent sections by elastic air-proof membranes.

Every compartment has an individual valve to let the air in and out.

Passengers are accommodated on two movable seats made of water-resistant plywood. Their movability along the tube is ensured by the bolt rope-mast track system. It consists of an elastic profile installed on the tube and a rigid pad located on the bottom part of the seat.

The warranty term for the boat exploitation is 24 months from the purchase date, which should be stamped in the boat passport.

The warranty term for other parts of the boat including the paddles, rowlocks, inflatable poofs, pump, air valves, PVC fittings, bow tent, transformer tent, soft pads, fitting bag, and packing bag is 12 months.

The warranty covers only the defects discovered in the exploitation process concerned with the material, component parts and boat assembly (inside joints, outside bands, fitting , bottom and transom installation).

The warranty does not cover common wear and tear, abrasions and damage caused by:

— failing to observe the operation, transportation and storage rules listed in the present Instructions;

— accidents;

— errors and failing to observe the Rules for steering small craft;

— use of auxiliary device or component, which has not been manufactured, installed or sold by Grouper-Spb Company;

— modification or deletion of the original boat device or component;

— transportation of an inflated boat on a trailer or in an open car trunk.

The warranty costs do not cover:

— cost of towing or transporting the boat from the place where the defect or any other damage was discovered to the home harbor of the vessel;

— costs of negotiations conducted by phone or e-mail service;

— compensation of costs, inconveniences and time spent.

To determine the cause of the defect, it is necessary to bring the boat or the component to the Grouper-SPb premises.

In case the discovered deft falls under the manufacturer's warranty liabilities described above, it will be eliminated at the expense of the manufacturer. In other cases all the costs are paid by the boat owner.

It is prohibited to use any other compressed air sources but the ones designed especially for inflating PVC boats.

— At all times when the boat is out of water under direct sunlight it is absolutely necessary to lower the pressure in the air proof boat sections by 30 to 50% from the nominal pressure. When the boat is launched, the pressure should be restored to the recommenced values. Under-inflated boat will not perform up to the mark.

— When paddles are taken out of rowlocks, it is necessary to screw up the paddle clamp — the cover nut — in the rowlock, so as not to damage the boat material with the rowlock pin when folding the boat.

+7 (921) 900-90-42